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deviation in storage by Aerius-the-Aireon
I'm trying to clean it back up, but for right now, Your welcome if you are one of the owners of the faves.



:iconlieveheersbeestje: :iconchierue: :iconkitkatrevolution: :iconnamioki: :iconapofiss: :iconalatdragon: :iconweirdhyena: :iconkakrakacs: :iconcaneage: :icontamberella: :iconkeawolf: :iconskaidragon: :iconlilyandstarfire2000:


.:My First FH Preset ~ Linkin Parker:. by bailydragon
.:My First FH Preset ~ Linkin Parker:.
Yep, I tried my hand at preset making and this is the first idea to pop in my head. xD
I'm still trying to pick a name for him, so for now he will be named Linkin Parker.

He is my personal preset and will not be up for download, but once I find out how to use MediaFire or something along the lines of that, I will put his 'see me in-game' files up. I REPEAT, HE IS NOT A FREE PRESET AND IS FOR ME ONLY.
Under The Light of The Trolololol Moon by bailydragon
Under The Light of The Trolololol Moon
Neon Beats and her mate Beta Beats.

Beta Beats (the blue one) belongs to me
Neon Beats (the purple one) belongs to XxDeviantxX... (aka me again. xD)

(The troll moon is a mod, I will post a link later, once I find the owner again..........)
Neon and Oreo UNITE by bailydragon
Neon and Oreo UNITE
Yep, this is what happens when you find the FH registration is open. xD

This was the first thing I did, made Neon Beats and get on both. Ugh, but posing is hard and I lagged like hail when you run 2 FH's on one shizzy laptop. 

But, all was fun. Yes indeed. Fun. :iconeheheplz:

I ship bailydragon ~ XxDeviantxX owo
FH Trolling Collage by bailydragon
FH Trolling Collage
So me and :iconjenxie13: were on LM(Last Moon) today and got bored, so we hopped on FH(Feral Heart) to go trolling. We started off at the mate center, me being a small female wolf named Skittles, and her being Vladenn. Once I was bored, I got an idea to be my male character Dr Shadex, and we went to go troll the adoption center. We were going to pretend to be large pups, but then Jenxie got the best trolling idea EVAR and we pretended to be a gay couple. We argued over which pup to adopt(planned of course) and then we put on a show by me yelling it's final that we're getting /this/ pup, and that we never want to see each other again. Low and behold this was the best trolling I'll ever be apart of because the two pups that we argued over followed us, the pup I wanted followed me and the pup Vladenn wanted followed 'him'. The pup I wanted gave us two a pep talk before an(planned) angry Vladenn shouted, "I wasn't even gay anyways!" and took off into Ficho Tunnel. The pup then proceeded to say he wasn't the one anyway, AND WHISPERED ME TO SEE IF I WANTED TO BE HER NEW CHARACTER'S MATE. So yep, a very fun and interesting day in FH. Oh, I also played dead in the water, but my moon mod ruined the pictures.(It's a troll. xDDD)

                                                                                Have a nice day~   

(PS, I put something random in it, it's pretty noticable, but whatevs. owo)


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This is mostly just for paying the adoptables, I really don't intend on you donating for anything else. :shrug:
I also have a few people that deserve some points. Like... tips. :)

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Artist | Student | Other
United States
This fictional story takes place many generations after the youngest cats in the last book of WARRIORS die, about 20 years I guess. It tell about the hardships of four kits, destine to do greatness, and to do evil. They must choose their actions carefully, or be plunged into the deepest depths of the Dark Forest.


Duskstar~ Dark black tom with white flecks and icy blue eyes // REF: [no link yet]

Hotfoot~ calico she-cat with orange paws and lime green eyes // REF: [no link yet]

Medicine Cat:
Redstep~ tortoise-shell tom with reddish-orange feet and green eyes // REF: [no link yet]

Firestripe~ dark brown tom with orange stripes and blue eyes // REF: [no link yet]
Eelback~ smokey grey she-cat with orange-and-brown eyes // REF: [no link yet]
Brownface~ white tom with brown spots on face with hazel eyes // REF: [no link yet]
Halfpelt~ half black and half white she-cat with icy blue eyes // REF: [no link yet]
Briarheart~ brown tabby tom with fur that sticks up everywhere with green eyes // REF: [no link yet]
Mousejump~ skittish small she-cat with grey and brown fur, has green eyes // REF: [no link yet]
Mintfur~ light grey she-cat with light green eyes // REF: [no link yet]
Bigstep~ large orange tabby tom with big muscles, has hazel eyes // REF: [no link yet]

Darkblaze~ brown she-cat with dark grey blaze down back with green eyes (mother of Firestripe's kits, Blazekit, Kindlekit, Tinderkit and Sootkit) // REF: [no link yet]
Cherryblossom~ Cream she-cat with ginger spots and blue eyes(Briarheart's mate, expecting) // REF: [no link yet]

Blazekit~ oldest out of litter, dark brown tabby tom with black stripes and icy blue eyes // REF: [no link yet]
Kindlekit~ second oldest, brownish-red she-cat with black stripes and green eyes // REF: [no link yet]
Tinderkit~ third oldest(second youngest), brown tom with orange stripes and green eyes // REF: [no link yet]
Sootkit~ youngest, runt, puny cream tom with black stripes and icy blue eyes // REF: [no link yet]


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